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Carbon fiber hair hotline safe

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Precision mould processing, the surface is most important, choose a suitable handle, for achieving high quality surface machining effect is very big, need to handle the features and equipment conditions for comprehensive consideration 1...
Find electricity floor heating knows that the quality of the hair hotline didn't have any problem, just let a person have scruples in terms of energy consumption and electromagnetic radiation, but all normal manufacturer listed products have relevant national quality inspection department inspection report. Besides, the electromagnetic radiation in the home more, we live inside the house was full of all sorts of flare path, air conditioning lines, telephone lines, etc., was in the house a cable preparation, the thread doesn't even have a shielding layer, how do you think? The structure of the carbon fiber hair hotline and traditional hair hotline, just different in two ways:
Feer is first, the core material used is more efficient, of parameters in detail several times better than metal core heating element, carbon fiber is better than that of heat resistance heating principle different from traditional hair hotline, molecular impact Brownian motion is calorific, electromagnetic radiation from the traditional cable into a launch far infrared ray.
Second, parcel core heating element of the plastic material with higher F46 material performance, single heat resistance reached more than two hundred degrees, and the temperature of the cable is 60 degrees Celsius. Comprehensive the above situation, blame crazy network summary carbon fiber hair hotline is more durable, more energy saving, lighter. Use is wider, more safety.

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