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Company Profile

  Arima Electric Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, is a professional production of the hotline and various electric products manufacturers. The company has more than one advanced filament-winding machines, weaving machines, charge
  The crew and various types of testing equipment. Introduction of foreign high-tech personnel and equipment of the electric industry and strive to create another revolution. The company has advanced production technology and processing technology, beginning
  Finally implement the good and stable quality, timely delivery, reasonable prices and sincere service as the company's operating philosophy and won a high reputation at home and abroad for the majority.
  Our main products are: heater, heating film, silicone heater, PVC heater, double heater, carbon fiber heater, fiberglass weave heater, no magnetic heater, iron
  Teflon carbon fiber heater, aquaculture special hotline, geothermal underfloor heating cables, aluminum foil heater, woven heater, heater gloves, eye massager fever tablets, jade mattress fever tablets.
  Scope: Suitable for refrigerators, air conditioners, electric blankets, heated towel racks, Footbath, rice cookers, pet pad, heating, electric warm clothing, window heating, piping warm, steam
  Car seat, electric slimming belt, felt warm blanket, massage chair, jade mattress, geothermal heating, Khan, steam room, health care equipment, greenhouses, aquaculture insulation, refrigeration defrost equipment.

Address: Canal Road West too long Shatian
Dongguan City Industrial Zone on the 2nd

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