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How to shield silicone rubber hair hotline hotline heating ca

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以电阻材料为发热源,并在外层包覆软性绝缘材料,并在外层包覆金属屏蔽层,金属屏蔽材料有2种,镀锡铜丝或者316不锈钢丝,用以制造各种家用电器辅助加热用的电热元件。 功能与
Resistance materials as heat source, and in the outer cladding soft insulation materials, and in the outer cladding metal shielding layer, there are two kinds of metal shielding materials, tin plated copper wire or 316 stainless steel wire, used to manufacture all kinds of household appliances auxiliary heating electric heating element.
Functions and applications of
In hair hotline at rated voltage applied, hair hotline will generate heat, in the periphery of compatibility and under the influence of cooling conditions, its temperature will balance in a certain range. To produce various shapes of electric heating element, which are widely used in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, water dispensers, rice cookers and other household appliances.
Add hot line according to insulation materials, can be respectively the P5 plus hotline, PVC plus hotline, silicone rubber hair hotline, etc. According to the power domain, can be divided into the single power and power two kinds of hair hotline. Resistance to PS hotline is non-toxic and hotline, especially suitable for the need to direct contact with food, its heat resistance is low, can only be used for low power situation, generally no more than 8 w/m, long-term working temperature - 25 ~ C ~ 60 ~ C. 105 ~ C plus hotline is cover material conform to GB5023 ec227 (1) the provisions of the standard of PVC/E has good heat resistance, is commonly used to add hotline, average power density of not more than 12 w/m, using temperature is - 25 ℃ ~ 70 ~ C. Widely used in air-conditioner dew plus hotline, air conditioning, etc. Silicone rubber and hotline has excellent heat resistant performance, widely used in refrigerators, freezers and defroster. The average power density generally under 40 w/m, under the heat dissipation good low temperature environment, power density can be up to 50 w/m, using temperature is 155-60 ~ C a ~ C.

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