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Woven fiberglass hotline

Fiberglass weave carbon fiber heater

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Product Introduction

  Model: Far-infrared carbon fiber weave hotline hotline frequency voltage withstand test: 2000V voltage: 300V Temperature: 200 degrees Celsius Resistance: 133 Euro / M, 66 Euro / M, 33 Euro / M, 17 Euro / M OD: 2mm-5mm optional specifications: 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K scope indoor applications: carbon fiber infrared heater laying down flooring, marble, tile and other ground, consisting of low-temperature radiant electric heating system, heating to warm the same effect and ordinary. Suitable for the family room, living room, classrooms, swimming pools, gyms, children's playgrounds, a heated brooder, vegetable and flower greenhouses rooms and other places. Outdoor Application: Snow roads, airport runways of snow, eaves, gutters falling snow, pipe insulation, gutters antifreeze, grass soccer field, a public green space, soil insulation, stairs Snow, tank heating antifreeze. Carbon fiber heater used in everyday products as a result of carbon fiber heater with far infrared heat unique features, is widely used in the production of physical health supplies. Like on the market: the far infrared health blanket, far infrared therapy care pad, far infrared therapy care beds, etc., the heating elements are made of carbon fiber heater. Carbon fiber infrared electric hotline hotline is an energy-saving, using imported advanced carbon fiber heating element with high mechanical strength and extremely long life, light weight hotline, soft, can be bent into various shapes, made easy multiple heating elements combined module can easily be adapted to the needs of a variety of heating applications


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