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Far infrared carbon fiber heater

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Product Introduction
Product Type:.. AWM10480 10543 10544
Applies to far infrared health blanket, electric blanket, jade mattress, pet pads, electric warm clothing, car seat, electric slimming belt, felt warm blanket, electric shoes, electric massage chair,, health care equipment, and so on.
Power frequency withstand voltage: 2000V
Insulation resistance: ≥100M Europe
:: 200 ℃ temperature resistant
Resistance voltage: 150V
Resistance range: 133,66,33,17 Europe / M
Diameter range: 2.2-5.0MM
Product life: 10000H more
Product Structure and Material:
1. The heating wire thermal inertia is small, fast heating, electric conversion degree of 98% energy saving: 1-3 minutes can be electrically heated blankets and heating pads and other electric fabric products reach the desired temperature.
2. Far-infrared radiation is high: 8-15 micron wavelength of far infrared cryogenic beneficial to the human body.
3. Good oxidation resistance heating element, not aging, durable;
4. Resistance value stability, even heating, heating temperature and heat energy can vary the length of the heater and the operating voltage control.
5. Product bending test: more than 5000 times, without exception (test according to UL, IEC test standards)
6. Common carbon fiber specifications: 3K, 6K, 9k, 12K, 15k, 24K, 36k, 48K.


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