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Glass fiber woven hair hotline

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The introduction

Technical parameters

Product name: fiberglass braided hair hotline
Insulation: glass fiber
Temperature tolerance limit: 350 ℃
Heat conductor: nickel chromium alloy, copper, nickel alloy, constantan alloy
Leakage current: 0.05 mA/m
Product power: 220 v - 510 w (set)
Rated voltage: 300 v
Complete outer diameter: 2.0 MM to 2.5 MM to 3.0 MM - 3.5 MM4.0 MM
Optional color: white
The outside diameter tolerance: 0.25 MM
Conductor resistance: 0.1 Ω Ω/M/M - 3000
Using length: 7 m/PCS (customer set)
Product features:
Excellent heat resistant performance, under the 250 ℃ can use for a long time and almost no performance change, sustainable use under 350 ℃, 10000 hours.
Excellent insulation, insulation resistance is more than 500 m Ω, in a wide temperature and frequency range of the resistance is stable, the high voltage corona discharge and arc discharge has good resistance.
With flame retardant and self-extinguishing, because of the glass fiber woven contain no halide, don't smoke or release gas heating, suitable for all kinds of fire strictly occasions.
Has good resistance to high temperature performance and excellent rationalization on health care.
Application field
Apply to the refrigerator, air conditioner, jade bed, electric blanket, electric towel rack, footbath, rice cooker, auto heater, microwave oven, pet cushion, electric warm clothes, heating Windows, pipeline heat preservation, floor heating engineering, electric heaters, car seat cushion, electric slimming belts, warm blanket mat, massage chair, health care equipment, refrigerant defrosting equipment, etc.
Company certification:
Hua yu electric products co., LTD has passed 1 s09001-2000 quality system and the UL certification, the European Union CUL certification, the eu SGS environmental protection certification, in line with quality first, integrity first, service first business philosophy, and wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide quality products and excellent service, create the harmonious development of mutually beneficial win-win future.



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