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Woven fiberglass hotline

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Product Introduction
  Technical parameters
  Product Name: fiberglass weave hotline
  Insulation: Fiberglass
  Temperature Limit: 350 ℃
  Fever Conductor: nickel-chromium alloy, copper-nickel alloy, alloy constantan
  Leakage current: 0.05mA / m
  Product power: 220V-510W (can be customized)
  Rated voltage: 300V
  Overall Diameter: 2.0MM-2.5MM-3.0MM-3.5MM4.0MM
  Available colors: white
  Outside diameter tolerance: 0.25MM
  Conductor resistance: 0.1Ω / M-3000Ω / M
  Use Length: 7M / PCS (customer specific)
  Has excellent heat resistance, long-term use at 250 ℃ and almost no performance change, sustainable use at 350 ℃ 10000 hours.
  Excellent insulating properties, insulation resistance greater than 500MΩ, over a wide temperature and frequency range of its resistance value is stable, to high-voltage corona discharge and arc discharge has a good resistance.
  Flame retardant and self-extinguishing, does not contain halide because fiberglass weave, when heating is not emit smoke or toxic gases, for a variety of occasions stringent fire.
  Rationalization of excellent high temperature performance and good medical care.
  Suitable for refrigerators, air conditioners, jade bed, electric blankets, heated towel racks, Footbath, rice cookers, car heaters, microwave ovens, pet pads, electric warm clothing, window heating, piping warm, warm engineering, electric heating, car seat pads, electric slimming belt, felt warm blanket, massage chair, health care equipment, refrigeration defrost equipment.
  Company Certification:
  Arima Electric Co., Ltd. has passed the quality system and the EU 1S09001-2000 UL, CUL certified EU, the EU SGS environmental certification, quality-oriented, integrity first, service-oriented business philosophy and dedication to providing our customers with quality products and excellent service, and create a win-win future harmonious development.

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