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The silicone hair hotline

Heater silicone hotline

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The introduction
The silicone electric hotline
Silicone hair hotline is also called silicon electric hotline or silicone heating cable, is mainly composed of alloy heating wire and silicone heat insulating cloth, with a quick heating, temperature uniformity, high thermal efficiency, good toughness, etc
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On the glass fibre winding the resistance wire, or use the single resistance (more) stranded wire cooperation as the core, in its outer coated silica gel/PVC insulated electric hotline.
1. Has excellent heat resistant performance, under the 150 ℃ can be use for a long time and almost no performance change, sustainable use under 200 ℃, 10000 hours.
2. Excellent insulation, insulation resistance is more than 500 m Ω, in a wide temperature and frequency range of the resistance is stable, the high voltage corona discharge and arc discharge has good resistance.
3. Has the flame retardancy and self-extinguishing, for silicone rubber does not contain halide, do not smoke or is released by burning gas, suitable for all kinds of fire strictly occasions.
4. It has good cold resistance and excellent rationalization on health care.
1 the highest heat resistance insulation material: 250 ℃
2 highest use temperature: 250 ℃ to 300 ℃ 3 insulation resistance: 100 m Ω or higher
Compressive strength: 1500 v / 5 s
5 power deviation: plus or minus 2%
6 power frequency withstand voltage: 2000 v
7 leakage current of 0.05 mA/m
Eight diameter from 1.0-5.0 mm
9 resistance: 0.1-10000 ohm/meter
1, moist, explosive gas, industrial equipment of pipeline, 

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