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Gloves fever piece

Electric hand hot piece of 36 v, 48 v, 64 v to 72 v

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The introduction
Products: the second generation electric gloves plus hotline are you often encounter old gloves hair hotline and fever often DC plug burn out, let the three generations to solve these problems!
Products: three generations of electric gloves plus hotline
Power: 48 v - 10 w - 1.2 M
48 v - 12 w - 1.4 M
60 v - 10 w - 1.2 M
60 v - 12 w - 1.4 M
Material: silicone rubber
Color: transparent red
Why is the color of hair hotline will choose transparent?
Answer: because a lot of factory is likely to use white or red, to do so is also for convenience, save waste, but there are also some disadvantages is the manufacturer fails to consider, because a few small factory equipment is old, outdated technology can cause, cause heating wire in the structure of screw pile on wire, wire such as uneven, when electricity heating, a local high temperature, end up inside hair hotline to burn out, cloth glove burn, etc., march, warm, electric heating products co., LTD. Design allows you to see at a glance, the supervision of the quality of the products anytime and anywhere!
Your product is often confronted with gloves, electric cars can't continue to perform?
Answer: well, now the new electric car, the main motor is directly inserted in the electric socket, if you use electric gloves, electric car will be pushed away, use of electric cars, buy electric gloves doesn't make sense, let gemany, warm, electric heating products co., LTD. The second generation to solve these problems! Electric heating and exercise the two don't delay!

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