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Gloves fever tablets

Electric heating element back riders 36v 48v 64v 72v

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Product Introduction
  Product: second generation of electric vehicles gloves plus hotline is not often that you come across old-fashioned glove heater and heating element to burn out frequently DC plugs, so three generations to solve these problems now!
  Products: three generations of electric cars gloves plus hotline
  Power: 48V-10W-1.2M
  Material: silicone rubber
  Color: Transparent Red
  Why hotline will choose transparent color it?
  Answer: Because many plants may use white or red, but also for the convenience of doing, then waste the province, but there are some drawbacks that manufacturers failed to take into account, as some small old plant equipment, backward technology can cause cause heating wire helix structure appears on the heap silk phenomenon, uneven around the wire, in the ohmic heating, partial heat, culminating in an internal heater burn, burn, etc. cloth gloves, warm Si Qi Seoul electric Co., Ltd. design lets you see at a glance the supervision of product quality failure, anytime, anywhere!
  Your product is not often encountered after plugging gloves, electric cars there is no way to continue to exercise it?
  Answer: Now the new electric car, the motor is directly plugged into the main power socket punch, if you use the electric gloves, electric cars would pushed, the use of electric cars, buy electric gloves is pointless, let Qi Si warm Seoul electric Co., Ltd. II to solve these problems now! Electric heating and exercise two do not delay!

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