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Aluminum foil fever piece

Aluminum foil heater,

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The introduction
Aluminum foil heater
1 heating element can be made of PVC or silicone insulated hair hotline. Put hair hotline between the two pieces of foil or hot melt on the single-layer aluminum foil. Aluminum foil heater with adhesive bottom, convenient and quick and easy installation in the area of the need to maintain the temperature. Aluminum foil heater is according to the demand and system, size and therefore able to adapt to a variety of space. Send silicone rubber hotline between the two pieces with pressure sensitive adhesive aluminium foil and a heating element, aluminum foil underside can bring pressure sensitive adhesive, convenient paste.
Compensation heating frost 2 refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, electric cooker and heating appliances.
3 supplies heat preservation heat, such as: implement heating, foot bath tub, towel heat preservation tank, pet cushion, shoes box, etc.
4 industrial, commercial machinery heating drying equipment, such as: digital printers, drying, seed breeding, mushroom cultivation, etc.
Technical parameters
  PVC hair hotline Silicone rubber hair hotline
Overall dimensions
Customized according to customer's request
voltage Customized according to customer's request
power ≤12W/m ≤50W/m
Power deviation range ±5%
Normal dielectric strength 2000 v 3 s no breakdown or flashover
Normal insulation resistance ≥100 MΩ
Leakage current
≤0.2 mA/m


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