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Aluminum foil heating element

Aluminum foil cloth fever tablets

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Product Introduction
  Aluminum foil heating element is made of cloth sticking hotline heating element sandwiched between a sheet of aluminum foil between the two, it has a light, design and installation is simple, safe sanitation, surface heat evenly, long life, low cost, according to the be heating the shape of the surface was free, easy to design unique advantages, is the design of various low-temperature heating applications ideal planar heating element occasions.
  Applications: Widely used in cultivation, aquaculture, industrial and commercial machinery and equipment devices, such as dryers, incubators, holding rooms, advertising anti-fog heaters, heating panels show the Roof.
  Technical features:
  1, various low temperature planar heating heating applications, and can be easily assessed in a variety of shapes according to the heated surface, designed to facilitate low prices.
  2, easy to install, safe sanitation, surface heat evenly.
  3, the power can be partitioned, you can bring the thermostat.
  4, waterproof, long life.
  5, in line explosion.

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