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No waves hotline

No magnetic carbon fiber heater

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Product Introduction
  No magnetic carbon fiber heater
  Product Name: no waves hotline (non-magnetic boundary hotline)
  Power frequency withstand voltage: 2000V
  Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ
  Resistant temperature: 200 ℃
  Resistance voltage: 300V
  Diameter range: Φ4.5-5.0mm
  Product life: 10000H more
  1. Product Description: two points inside and outside the insulating layer, an insulating layer of silicone material
  2. The heating element for Japan's Toho carbon fiber thread
  3. braided copper wire inside the insulation layer as a shield, the shield also pack attached to the outer silicone insulation
  Product Process characteristics: no waves hotline easy to use, rapid heating, insulation, the biggest feature is produced after heating wire is energized alternating electromagnetic field, the magnetic field can be generated by the non-magnetic boundary cancel each other out, which can effectively prevent the low-frequency electromagnetic fields hypervariable on the human body, effectively prevent electromagnetic interference, is widely used in high performance carbon fiber electric blankets, heating pads and electric insulation products such as jade mattress carbon fiber heating element of non-magnetic boundaries like no magnetic boundaries like heating element is composed of a the new double-stranded carbon fiber non-magnetic boundary hotline and temperature protection switch with aluminum foil fiber cloth made of non-magnetic carbon fiber heating element shaped boundaries, it has excellent performance than many similar carbon fiber heating element. 1, rapid heating. 2, electric conversion rate, the carbon fiber heating element than similar energy savings of more than 10%, about 100% electric efficiency. 3, high tensile strength, resistance to soft folds. Under the same allowable current load area, 6 to 10 times the intensity of the carbon fiber non-magnetic boundaries planar heat generating element of higher than similar carbon fiber heating element. Does not occur in the course of breaking, tensile strength and therefore no change in the electric process. 4, green, energy saving. This product uses carbon fiber carbon fiber hotline is non-magnetic boundary hotline, electromagnetic zero. Because they do not generate electromagnetic waves in the heating process, so its energy conversion rate of 100%, which is green, high thermal efficiency, high-tech and new products. 5, excellent safety carbon fiber non-magnetic boundaries like heating element, is composed of N carbon fiber non-magnetic boundary hotline to parallel to the linear heating element, each set of carbon fiber non-magnetic boundary hotline is waterproof temperature protection switch to combine together Therefore, the use of which can not only play the role of water, it will not appear in a local temperature overheating, security is excellent. 6, the service life of carbon fiber heating element, non-magnetic boundaries like buildings with life. Under anaerobic conditions carbon fiber is heated to 3000 degrees, since the mechanical properties without any change. Carbon fiber tensile strength of steel is higher than 3 to 4 times higher than the stiffness of steel 2 to 3 times higher than the fatigue resistance of steel 2 times, a weight ratio of 3 to 4 times lighter steel, steel thermal expansion less than 4 to 5 times . 7, the application areas A, this product is ideal building heating applications. Construction convenient, safe, energy-saving, water-proof, no electromagnetic for green products, carbon fiber products similar products among the best security. B, this product applications in jade, germanium stone, electric health mattress is ideal. C, this product application of electric cushion, sofa cushion, Khan, steam room, sweat steaming bags, sweat steam heating tank.


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