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Non-woven fever piece

The leg non-woven fever

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The introduction
Detailed description:
Nonwoven heating sheet is a heating blanket element that fuses or pastes the heating wire between two non-woven fabrics or blankets. The thickness of the product is only 3 to 5mm, the area is from 10 cm2 to 4.0 m2, the working power is from 0.5 watts to hundreds of watts, and the maximum working temperature is 150 ℃. It has the unique advantages of portability, simple design and installation, safe and hygienic use, uniform surface heat transfer, long service life, low price, and can be designed randomly and conveniently according to the shape of the heated surface. It is an ideal heating element for designing various low-temperature surface heating applications. It is widely used in the fields of living room, car cushion, health care, food heating, planting, breeding and heat preservation.
Technical features:
1. It is suitable for surface heating in various low-temperature occasions. It can be easily made into various shapes according to the heating surface, with convenient design and low price.
2. Convenient installation, safe and hygienic use, and uniform heat transfer on the surface.
3. The power can be divided into zones and can be equipped with temperature controller.
4. Waterproof and moisture-proof, long service life.
5. Meet explosion-proof requirements.
1. Car heating pad, indoor heating, bed heating, etc.
2. It is an ideal heating element designed for medium and low temperature surface heating and thermal insulation applications. It is widely used in agricultural, industrial and commercial machines, equipment and devices, such as dryer, incubator, thermal insulation room, advertising defogging heater, etc.
Performance index:
1. Power density: PVC hot wire: ≤ 12W / m.
Silica gel heating wire: ≤ 40W / m.
Silicone rubber heating wire: ≤ 20 W / m.
2. Maximum working temperature: 105 ℃, PVC hot line: ≤ 90 ℃.
Silicone rubber hot wire: ≤ 200 ℃.
3. Normal insulation resistance: ≥ 200m Ω.
4. Immersion withstand voltage: 1800V / 1min, or 2200v / 5S.
5. Leakage current: ≤ 0.12ma.
6. Power deviation range: ± 5%.


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