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Dongguan hua yu electric products co., LTD. Is a and heating, hair hotline, production and r&d of electric heating products manufacturer, the company production of various fever piece, hair hotline. Ceramic heat is only one of them, to introduce you to what is under the ceramic heating.
A, the phonological features of ceramic heat:
High temperature baking ceramic heating tablets (MCH) is printed directly on the AL2O3 alumina ceramic green resistance paste, under the high temperature of 1600 ℃ baking to burn, and then after electrodes, wire processing, the production of a new generation of low temperature heating element. Is the alloy heating wire, PTC heating elements after another generation product, widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communications, medical, environmental protection, such as the need of low temperature heat in many fields. In terms of household electric appliances, such as small low dimming device, hair dryer, clothes dryer, heating machine, warm and cool cell phone, dryer, electric heating plate, iron, electric, straight hair, curly hair hair curler, electric vacuum flask, heat preservation tank, electric cooker, ceramic heaters, water heaters, etc.; In industry, such as industrial drying equipment, electric heating bonding machine, water and oil and acid and alkali liquid heater, etc.; In the electronic industry such as small special crystal device thermostat; Such as infrared fields in medical treatment, intravenous fluids heater and so on.
Background information:
With the advent of the era of various electronic devices integration, electronic machine of circuit miniaturization, high density, versatility, high reliability, high speed and high power put forward higher request, because the co-firing multilayer ceramic substrate can satisfy the demands of electronic machine of circuit, so obtained widespread application in recent years. Co-firing multilayer ceramic substrate can be divided into high temperature co-firing multilayer ceramic substrate (HTCC) and low temperature co-firing multilayer ceramic (LTCC) substrate. Temperature co-firing ceramic with low temperature co-firing ceramic compared with the high density of high mechanical strength, wiring, stable chemical performance, high coefficient of heat transfer and low material cost, higher request on thermal stability, high temperature volatile gas demands a smaller, sealing, higher heating and assembly field more widely used. HTCC ceramics fever piece mainly alternative is now the most widely used alloy wire electric heating element and the PTC heating element and its components. Wire electric heating element is easily oxidized in high temperature and short service life, open flames unsafe, thermal efficiency is low, such as uneven heating shortcoming; And the heating temperature of PTC heating element is normally about 200 ℃, the heating temperature is higher than 120 ℃ is generally used red lead, because big and are being phased out belongs to the product.
The advantages of three, ceramic heating plate:
1, simple structure;
2, heat up quickly, quick temperature compensation
3, big power density;
4, high heating temperature can reach more than 500 ℃;
5, high thermal efficiency, even heating, energy saving;
6, the halogen-light, use safety;
7, long service life, power failure to reduce;
8, heating element and air insulation, element resistance to acid and alkali and other corrosive substances;
Four, the main raw materials:
1, the substrate: USES white alumina ceramic, а - Al2O3 content not less than 95%
2, lead: using Ф nickel wire of 0.48 mm.
3, casing, tape, teflon, high temperature resistant tape
4, resistance, high temperature materials such as tungsten
Five, the main performance:
1, electronic
Insulation resistance: R p 5 x 108 Ω [500 VDC]
Rated voltage: 220 vac / 110 vac
Resistance: R + 10% (23 + 1 ℃) or according to customer's contract.
2, aging test: 110% of the rated voltage, a diode series, on and off for 3 minutes as a cycle, a total of 2 cycle without exception.
3, boost voltage test: 130 vac, 250 vac voltage respectively, a diode series, hot slice under each voltage electricity without exception for 10 seconds. [for 230 vac fever piece]
4, thermal test: under normal voltage, electric heating substrate, even heating, without exception.
5, and physical properties
Acuity 3.6 g/cm3 density
Bending strength p 260 mpa
6, wire tension: not less than 5 KGF axis direction, and the direction of axis Angle 45 not less than 3 KGF.
7, temperature performance:
Working temperature of 100 ~ 230 ℃, the highest temperature can reach 500 ~ 700 ℃.
8, heating efficiency: 30 seconds up to working temperature.
9, reliability: the opening 30 minutes after installed, close 30 minutes table for a loop, loop 1000 times after test no abnormalities.
Appearance without mechanical damage burr, crack, rust, pollution, its warp degree of not greater than 0.005 mm/mm.

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