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Aluminum foil heating element

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Product Introduction
  Heating element may be PVC or silicone insulated heater components. The hotline will be placed between two sheets of aluminum foil or hot melt onto a single layer of aluminum foil. With self-adhesive foil heater bottom for quick and easy installation on the need to maintain the temperature of the area. Foil heaters are prepared in accordance with their needs, and therefore able to adapt to a variety of dimensions of space.
  Applications (Applications) for rated voltage below 250V, 50-60Hz, relative humidity ≤90%, ambient temperature environment -30 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ of heat in electricity.
  Its area is large, even heating, easy to use, widely used in refrigerators, freezers auxiliary heating and defrosting, thawing, and other electric appliances.
  Technical parameters (Technical data)
  1. Size: can be customized;
  2. Voltage: can be customized;
  3. The power deviation (resistance deviation) ≤ ± 5%
  4. Leakage current: the working temperature, leakage current ≤0.5mA;
  5. Power deviation: Rated power at nominal voltage rating of +5% - 10%;
  6. aluminum foil and heating wire bond peel strength: ≥ 2N / 1min no peeling and shedding.
  Note: You can add the thermostat to open holes on aluminum foil to connect the ground wire material.

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