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Non-woven fever piece

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The introduction
Detailed description: non-woven hot slice is paste hair hotline between the two pieces of non-woven fabric or felt a heating pad components. The product of only 3 to 5 mm thickness, area of cm2 from 10 to 4.0 ㎡, the work from 0.5 watts to several hundred watts, the highest working temperature of 150 ℃. It has a light, and simplicity of design and installation, the use of safety and health, the surface heat evenly, long life, low cost, can be arbitrary shape of the heated surface, and convenient design unique advantages, is a design of planar heating in low temperature applications ideal heating elements, are widely used in the bedroom in, car seat cushion, health care, food, heating, planting breeding heat preservation, etc. Technical features: 1. Suitable for low temperature circumstance of planar heating, we can do the shape, according to the heating surface easily design, convenient and inexpensive. 2. Easy installation, the use of safety and health, uniform surface heat transfer. 3. Power can partition, can with the thermostat. 4. Waterproof moisture-proof, long service life. 5. As to meet the requirements of explosion-proof. Applications: 1. The car heating pad and heating inside the bedroom, the bed heating, etc. (2) is in the design of planar heating and heat preservation at low temperature applications ideal heating elements, are widely used in agricultural, industrial and commercial use of machinery, equipment, installations, such as dryers, incubators, insulated building, advertising mist heater, etc. Performance indicators: 1. The power density: PVC hair hotline: 105 ℃ or less 12 W/m. The silicone hair hotline: 30 W/m or less. 2. The highest working temperature: 105 ℃ PVC hair hotline: 90 ℃ or less. The silicone hair hotline: 150 ℃ or less. 3. The normal insulation resistance: 100 m Ω or higher. 4. Flooding pressure: 1800 v / 1 min, or 2200 v / 5 s. 5. Leakage current: 0.12 mA or less. 6. Power deviation range: plus or minus 5%.

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