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Non-woven fever piece

The shawl massager non-woven fever

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The introduction
Product name: acupuncture cotton fever (thick)
Product size: according to customer requirement
Fever size: according to customer's requirements
Using voltage: 5 v - 220 - v
Output power: 5 w - 300 w (+ / - 5%)
Electric hotline: silica gel hair hotline, PVC hair hotline 1.0 3.0 MM in diameter
Thermal probe: according to customer requirement
Insulation resistance: 100 m Ω or higher
Resistant temperature: 205 ℃
Resistance to voltage: 600 v
Product life: more than 20000 h.
Heating element structure and material specifications
Heat wire material: copper constantan, nickel chromium, nickel alloy, carbon fiber
Hair hotline structure: winding, monofilament outer silica gel, insulation thickness of 0.6 MM or more, withstand voltage 1500 v.
Reference standard: UL758
Bending test: more than 5000 times, without exception.
The bend test: more than 25000 times, without exception.
Scope of application: apply to electric blanket, electric heater, electric heating plate, wash the footbath, rice cooker, pet cushion, electric warm clothes, pipeline heat preservation, car seat cushion, electric slimming belts, warm blanket blanket, electric heating shoes, electric massage chair, health care, refrigerant defrosting equipment, etc.

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