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Non-woven fever tablets

Non-woven shawl massage fever tablets

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Product Introduction
  Product Name: acupuncture cotton fever tablets (thick)
  Size: according to customer requirements
  Fever Size: According to customer requirements
  Voltage: 5V-220V
  Output Power: 5W-300W (± 5%)
  Hotline: silicone heater, pvc heater diameter 1.0-3.0MM
  Temperature probe: according to customer requirements
  Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ
  Resistance temperature: 205 ℃
  Resistance voltage: 600V
  Product life: 20000H more.
  Heating element structure and material description
  Heating wire material: constantan, nickel-chromium, copper-nickel alloy, carbon fiber
  Heater structure: winding, monofilament outer package silicone insulation thickness ≥0.6MM, voltage 1500V.
  Reference standard: UL758
  Bending test: more than 5000 times, without exception.
  Curved around the test: more than 25,000 times, without exception.
  Scope: Applicable to electric blankets, electric heaters, electric panels, Footbath, rice cookers, pet mats, electric warm clothing, piping warm, car seat, electric slimming belt, felt warm blanket, electric shoes, electric massage chair, health care, a refrigeration defrost equipment.

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