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Non-woven fever tablets

Massage Belt nonwoven fever tablets

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Product Introduction
  Non-woven sheet is heat welded to the hotline or paste elements in a heating blanket between two non-woven fabric or felt. The product thickness of only 3 to 5mm, size from 10 cm2 to 4.0㎡, operating power from 0.5 watts to several hundred watts, the maximum operating temperature of 150 ℃. It has a lightweight design and simple installation, safe sanitation, surface heat evenly, long life, low cost and can be freely unique advantages, such as convenient design is based on the shape of the heating surface is planar design a variety of low-temperature heating applications ideal heating element occasion, is widely used in the living room, car upholstery, health care, food heating, insulation and other plant breeding among the fields.
  Technical features:
  1. occasions for a variety of low temperature planar heating, can easily be made into various shapes according to the heating surface, designed to facilitate low price.
  2. easy to install, safe sanitation, surface heat evenly.
  3. The power can be partitions, with the thermostat.
  4. waterproof, long life.
  5. Meet the explosion.
  1. Automotive heating pad, heat the living room, bed heating.
  2. The design of the low-temperature heating and ideal planar heating element insulation applications, and is widely used in agricultural, industrial and commercial machinery, equipment, apparatus, such as dryers, incubators, holding rooms, advertising defogging heater , and so on.
  Performance indicators:
  1. Power Density: PVC hotline: ≤12W / m.
  Silicone hotline: ≤40W / m.
  Silicone rubber heater: ≤20 W / m.
  2. The maximum operating temperature: 105 ℃ PVC hotline: ≤90 ℃.
  Silicone rubber heater: ≤200 ℃.
  3. normal insulation resistance: ≥200MΩ.
  4. soaking pressure: 1800V / 1min, or 2200V / 5s.
  5. Leakage current: ≤0.12mA.
  6. Power deviation range: ± 5%.

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